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If equal amounts of matter and anti-matter were created in the beginning, where is all the anti-matter? If light from an anti-matter universe set off towards us, how would we see it? Since their light would consist of anti-photons, would they ever reach us, or would they just annihilate photons along the way?

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  1. Hmm, who said equal amounts were created? Don’t the current big bang theories go something like, in the beginning the big bang created something like 50.1% of one type of matter and 49.9% of the other, they annihiliated each other, leaving only the 0.2% of the first kind (and none of the second), which we now call ‘matter’ instead of anti-matter.

  2. 1st of all photons r neutral particles so they dont hav a counterpart and 2ndly even if anti photons did exist the anhillation of photon would leave a significant amt. of residual energy.

  3. What is more strange is that a recent discovery says that the total amount of matter in the Universe is only a mere 4%. The rest is all anti matter. This was from an interview with a physicist in the BBC.

  4. What happened was just after the Big Bang there were equal amounts of matter and antimatter. But for some reason which scientists are trying to determine, there was an imbalance of matter and antimatter. There was slightly more matter, so all the antimatter got annihilated, and the left over matter is all the matter the exists today.

  5. CERN was the first to creat antimatter in big amounts.
    Thier scientist that was working on this experiment made antimatter out of empty space, trying to recreat the big bang.
    and they succeded…
    so i would ask them whats up haha..

  6. That is incorrect. An equal amount of anti-matter and matter was not created. Anti-matter is created when matter collides with each other.

  7. Vt if antimatter is still present, dormant. Som vr v hvnt looked into. Like one said it might be in a parallel universe, a reflection of ours. Vt if its its closer than we expect.. Iam jst a curious person whos jst interested to know about it. Do correct me if iam wrong.

  8. i would like to know more about the state of mattere u know matter n anti matter.n i thought universe was a dot before it burst with the energy of its own n gave rise to universe

  9. You see if antimatter and matter are equal parts of a whole, and the same were created half and half or not equal even then the nature of antimatter is to consume matter, this being the case then surely the resulting debris of that collision is our phisical universe universe. Now presuming that we are the result if this union, its but natural we do not seem to run into any antimatter here , as we could be existing along side antimatter, not directly face to face, just along side, then this becomes a parrallel dimension to us – a mirror image of our existence.

  10. mybe we are the antimatter.all that u can touch and fell is the antimatter and we don’t know yet how is the matter.

  11. vergil: it’s just a naming convention. To the best of my knowledge, there’s nothing that defines antimatter being “anti” except for the differences with matter. We could have named them “matter type A” and “matter type B” instead.

  12. Space is the perfect barrier between matter and antimatter so it there is any antimatter out there (in our dimention) it must be far far away.
    Please do correct me if im wrong.

  13. I don’t understand matter or anti matter, these are mysterious states of energy that man attempts to describe. There is the same mystery and uncertainty to understanding what we call matter as there is to understanding anti matter. We cannot really understand anything because we are busy trying to understand what it is that we understand. This process is a mental state within our mind and has no bearing on the outside universe. Remember what we perceive as the outside world takes place in our mind when the brain tries to interpret the flow of signals coming into it. There is over 6 billion points of view of the external world and they all are quite boring. Remember we all collectively pattern the same data.

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