Can I just say that Outlook is a steaming pile of useless shit?

I get a lot of email every day, mostly from various mailing lists, and I have to sort the mail based on who the email was sent to. I.e. if it was sent to linux.kernel, I would have a rule saying that it should be moved into the Linux folder. This does not work every time, and I find myself having to sort mail manually. Thanks, Microsoft.

I’ll show you.

Outlook 1

Above: the email in my inbox. Notice the sent-to address. 

Outlook 2

Above: I select a rule to run now. 

Outlook 3

Above: I run the rule, and nothing happens. 

I have tried changing the rule to use specific words in the recipient address instead, and I’ve also tried making the rule client-only. No cookie.

Oh, and there’s no way to make Outlook show the time that an email was sent when using the vertical preview pane mode. Great.

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  1. I use Eudora and think it’s doing a decent job. People at the office who switched from Eudora to Outlook say that Eudora’s searches finish a lot faster than Outlook’s too.

  2. “Can I just say that Outlook is a steaming pile of useless shit?”

    Why, yes. Yes you may.

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