San Diego

I’m in San Diego for half this week for the Siggraph 2007 computer graphics conference. This is the view from my hotel room in La Jolla; no idea why it is so orange out there but I thought it looked cool. As usual my flight was delayed and I got here really late, but on the plus side I blagged myself into driving away in a Prius rental car!

This weekend was pretty random. On Friday we went out on the town for Joe’s birthday and Scott caught his hand on fire with Bacardi 151, shortly after Joe set the bar on fire. Then Scott set a pile of napkins on fire but miraculously managed to blow them out with barely a singe. On Sunday I attacked the huge weeds in the garden with the lawnmower, which worked, but it was a bit wetter out there than I expected and now I have a tonne of mud to remove from the poor mower.

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