No More Radon!

Earlier this year, we found we had an 18 pCi/l (pico Curies per litre) reading of radon in our house. The EPA recommended limit is 4 pCi/l. For those who don’t know, radon is a colourless, odourless radioactive gas that comes from the ground and can increase the risk of getting lung cancer. A few weeks ago we had an extractor fan hooked up to the basement sump (like a moat going around the perimeter of the house for water to drain away). Here are the results:

Radon test results

Yay, no horrible slow death by cancer!

3 Replies to “No More Radon!”

  1. Nice to hear you’re not going to die!

    Also mate, you’ve just told the whole internet where you live. You’re a brave man. 😉

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