Snowboarding at Keystone

I went snowboarding this Saturday for the first time since early 2000 – that’s seven years ago! The photo above is of me at Keystone, the last time I went snowboarding with Gav. I have a snowboard in England, but unfortunately I kept forgetting to ask my folks to bring it over for me, so I had to rent one. We went to Copper Mountain, about 2 hours away from home and near Breckenridge. To my utter disbelief, I actually remembered how to snowboard! I am far better at turning on my toes (that’s when you pivot your ankles and legs so the edge of the board along your toes digs in) than turning on my heels, so I spent a lot of time practising the latter.

One thing I learned how to do this time (thanks to help from Scott, Hamzeh and Mark) was to link my left and right turns, instead of stopping and/or crashing all the time. It went pretty well, and on the last run I managed to make it all the way down a slope without stopping, falling or generally looking like a fool. 🙂

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  1. yay snowboarding!

    cant wait till you go ride more often next season. Only a few precious days left this season for me :(.

    why do you require an email address for comment?

  2. Yeah, I can’t wait either!

    I was asking for email addresses thinking I’d get less comment spam, but it didn’t help. My spam filter catches it all, anyway. My blog shouldn’t require email addresses any more since I altered the options.

  3. oo lala…. now you dont get my lame email addresses anymore. have fun taking care of amber this weekend after the teeth come out 🙂

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