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Fiends of God

I set my DVR to record a docu-film on HBO entitled Friends of God: A Road Trip, and I watched it last night. Why? Because I caught a few minutes of it a couple of days earlier and was laughing hysterically!

The film follows many evangelical Christians as they corrupt America’s youth. A minority in the USA, they are very outspoken about their beliefs. Most choose to thrust their personal standards and beliefs upon others. Surprised? Neither was I.

In one scene, a Christian “comedian” declares that the USA is the greatest country on earth, and that it is better than all the rest. He declares that Europe sucks. Nice. As if your God would automatically prefer the USA to all the other countries in the world.

In one cringe-worthy scene, Ted Haggard, ex President of the National Association of Evangelicals, declares that he has sex every day, and that his wife climaxes every time. Funny that his wife wasn’t asked the same question. Later, he declares that homosexuality is a sin, as we’ve all heard before from these delusional individuals. Funny that he stepped down from his position following allegations that he had sex with a male prostitute and bought illegal drugs.

In another scene, an old man drives around with a grammatically-incorrect slogan on his red truck promoting belief in Jesus. He agrees that people who don’t believe are “losers”. We also see some evangelist wrestlers in the Christian Wrestling Foundation, who spread the word of God through the art of mock fighting:

“About how many people do you save every time you have an event?”

“Around about ten percent of the people.”

Wow. Just wow.

What really got me though was the brainwashing of the kids. After a children’s seminar with an evangelist from “Answers from Genesis”, a few of the kids are asked what they learned. You can clearly see they are thinking about what they heard over the last hour or so. However, when they are asked if they believe in evolution, they already have the word “no” out of their mouth before the question has even processed in their minds. It’s clearly a canned response, instilled in them by their parents. Indeed, one of the children qualifies his answer with “because my parents told me so”.

And what was this evangelist teaching them?

“Has any human being been around forever?”


“Has any scientist been around forever?”


“Has God been around forever?”


“Who should you always trust first: God or a scientist?”


The level of thought that must go on in their minds baffles me.

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  1. Hahahaha it was great, but you forgot the part about the dinosaurs that roamed the earth with the humans! They were all plant eaters and according to some of the pictures, helped with work such as pulling carts and carrying heavy objects. That really got me.

  2. Yes, I hear they found dinosaur fossils all around the ancient pyramids and that’s how they were built so quickly. God told me this.

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