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Comcast EPG

Notice the banner ad at the bottom? I am currently paying around $150 for Cable TV and high speed Internet, and this week they decided to put adverts on the electronic programme guide (EPG). Not only that, but the EPG used to have five lines of programming, and now there is only space for four! On top of that, when pressing the down arrow to move down the list, it highlights the advert every fifth press!

They tried this back in November last year, and I swiftly complained. The banner ads were removed within a few hours. This time when I complained, I was told that they are unobtrusive and they will not remove them. So, I told them to cancel my entire service. They even went so far to say they couldn’t believe I was cancelling over a banner ad!

Some channels have already started advertise during shows. Fox and NBC have been doing this for a while with banners on the bottom. This is extremely annoying, especially when they squash the programme to make the advert fit, ruining the aspect ratio. One channel (I forget the name, but they are showing reruns of Star Trek: The Next Generation) even has adverts with sound during programmes! Un-be-freaking-lievable.

What really shocked me though is that they accepted my cancellation without putting up a fight. My friend Eric recently tried to cancel and they took him to hell and back whilst trying to get rid of it. Where’s my free three months of service?

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  1. Wow, that’s ridiculous that they force so many ads on you, even though you’re a paying customer! I’m glad I quit when I did. The sad part is that 90% of their customers will accept this crap without whining, and that allows them to get away with it.

  2. I got sad when he tried to cancel because I didn’t want to go without internet and all my programs were on the dvr… that’s how they hook you! That’s why we currently still have it.. It’s ok though, I’m willing to switch to directv as long as our internet service isn’t interrupted and I still get to watch Scrubs!

  3. Sign the petition at Maybe it will help! I did.
    I’ve e-mailed comcast and called them and they said the ads are here to stay, they did NOTHING to ensure me that my words meant anything to them, and we are the ones paying the bill each month. I am so glad that so many hate these Comcast banner ads, please if you are someone with knowledge of what can be done to get there attenetion – please help. It makes using the guide unenjoyable.

  4. It’s not that your words mean nothing… believe me… i work for comcast. we dont really like them any more than you do but imagine how high your bill would be w/o them.

  5. I did some poking around comcasts site and I found a “spotlight” section. It has a name of a gentleman that is a point of contact if you are a business that wishes to place these banner ads. I suggest contacting him to voice our concerns. I dont know if it will help but who knows. Here is his info:

    Chip Meehan – VP, Advanced Advertising Sales
    Comcast Spotlight
    (310) 996-8222

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