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Before this year, I had never played a first person shooter on a game console. I mean, how on earth do you aim for the head with a tiny joystick that sticks about 2cm up from the control pad? I find it impossible to get accurate control without a mouse. However, when I played Halo for the first time this year, I realised that accuracy with control pads is not impossible – people were easily picking me off with accurate head shots, again and again.

So, what am I doing wrong? More importantly, how do I get better? Practice? I’m wondering if there was some class I missed somewhere along the line. I have no trouble at all owning all in Ridge Racer, Need For Speed and Gran Turismo, but first person shooters give me so much trouble. In multiplayer battles, I find myself regularly facing other players whilst we both shoot the hell out of each other, but I always die first. The head is such a small target!

I tried searching the web for tips, but to no avail. So, I invite you to post your solutions so I may finish my games. By the way, I have no trouble at all with Call of Duty 3 on the Wii, since it has a “proper” controller – I just aim and fire at the screen!

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  1. Yes, practice definitely helps, and it takes a while. Often times it’s only worth it to try for head shots if you have a precise weapon like a sniper rifle. In fast paced melees just aim in the general vicinity of the body, since a lot of weapons (shotguns in Halo especially) won’t even hit precisely where you’re aiming anyway.
    Most console games also accommodate for the lack of a mouse by auto-aiming for you a tiny little bit (many people are shocked to find this out). For example in Halo, you can have an opponent stand still and then shoot off to the side a little bit and you’ll see that it auto-aims for you and hits them. Good players know how to make the most of the auto-aiming.
    If you’re standing still, a good way to get head shots is to pick a point ahead of where they’re going, spend your time aiming at just the right point, and then just wait for them to run into it and fire.

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