Miniature Village

Enlarge this picture and take a good look. Isn’t this miniature village fantastic?


It’s really detailed… and it should be, since it’s a real life full-size town. It’s actually a real photo of Ouray, Colorado, and here’s the original:


I Photoshopped the image to simulate a type of lens called a “tilt-shift”, where the image plane is not parallel with the lens plane. This causes certain parts of the image to appear out of focus. When taking a picture like this, focus is set at infinity, so everything at distance in the image is in perfect focus. If this was really a miniature, everything would be very close to the camera, so only part of the image would normally be in focus. Also, miniatures tend to look brighter and more colourful when compared to weathered, washed-out buildings and cars.

I followed a great tutorial on how to do the effect. Also, here’s the lens that lets you take these photos without any messing around.

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