Bye Bye, Windows

We’ve finally been given permission at work to reformat our computers to use as Ubuntu workstations – yay! This is my final stage in my abandonment of Windows. Three years ago, I realised I was spending a good portion of my weekends and evenings fixing Windows because of stupid problems. I’d install something and I’d get an error every time I booted Windows (if it booted at all), or it would get horribly slow, or I had a USB device that would work on one port but not the others. The usual solution was to reformat if it would take less time than to fix the problem. My solution three years ago was to go to

I still have an Acorn RiscPC 600 on my desk at work, and it still works. It was manufactured in 1994, which makes it 15 years old. At home I still have an Iyonix (same type of computer), which is now 6 years old and still working well. Neither machine has ever been wiped. My MacBook Pro has not had a software problem in 3 years.

Windows XP was almost good. Almost good in that it almost didn’t suck completely, but it still managed to do things magnificently wrong, such as regularly lose all its icons, open tooltips below windows and change the height of the locked taskbar.

I won’t miss Word 2003 and its hundreds of autocorrect options that are impossible to turn off completely. I won’t miss having to install a USB driver once for every USB port on the machine. I won’t miss critical security updates. I won’t miss Windows Search that can’t find files that are in the first directory it looks at. I won’t miss playing games – that’s what I got the PSTriple for.

Windows, you won’t be missed. As Lily Allen would say, “fuck you, fuck you very very much!”

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