Scheduled Maintenance

Why is it necessary to bring down an entire site for hours every weekend to perform scheduled maintenance? I think all bank online account access sites do it, but I rarely ever see online shopping sites doing it. So, what’s the deal? I think it’s another case of unless you are parting with money, they don’t care. It’s pretty simple to switch over to a back-up server while you do an upgrade. Ever notice how you can get through to someone on a sales line quicker than you can get through to support?

Also: Circuit City officially suck. They are closing a local store and liquidating all merchandise. I went tonight and they have a sign saying “everything in store is on sale”. I asked a sales assistant, and they said it includes all display merchandise. I wanted to buy a Canon 40D, but they had none left, and wouldn’t sell me the display copy.

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  1. yep i hate the maintenance too! always gets me when im trying to pay bills!
    Maybe it could be an avenue for them to make more money. sell 24/7 access program then only those who care about that can be sent to a backup server when the regular site goes down?

    and yeah CC does suck…. there is a reason why they are closing :). You’re buying ANOTHER camera????

  2. I’m only in the market for a more pro camera if I can get it at a ridic price! It’s an $1100 camera body that I’d be willing to pay $500 for, given that the lens was totally destroyed and the body is used.

  3. Dear Mr. Simon,

    You are hot. Really hot. I just thought I’d let you know that.


    Your secret Admirer Amber

  4. You should write more. I visit your site all the time but you don’t have anything new! I really like your posts so give us more!!

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