What is Boredom?

Is boredom a good thing or a bad thing? I used to view it as being a bad thing, but now I see it as essential time to relax when you can’t think of anything else you could possibly do at that moment in time. When people are bored, they catch up on TV, clear out the email inbox, and potter around the house. It helps rest your brain from the day’s work and allows you to do those little things you wouldn’t normally have time for. If you’re really bored, you might not even have anything remotely interesting to do and may take a nap!

I have noticed that for perhaps the last four and a half years (since I graduated) that I have had absolutely no moment when I could say I was bored. I have always had something I needed to do, something nagging me at the back of my mind to finish.

5 Replies to “What is Boredom?”

  1. ok so boredom is not having nothing to do, its more of like not wanting to do the things that you have to do or not having the means to do it or anything else for that matter.

    Like I have plenty to do, but either I dont want to do it because its zero fun or I have no money to go do something.

    I am happy that you dont seem to have these problems, but also a little jealous of your situation.

  2. also, the whole pottering thing? My mom always says she is pUttering around. Same meaning but different pronounciation and spelling.

  3. being bored SUCKS balls.

    I do agree with sarah.. being bored doesnt mean you have a lack of things to do… but lots of times when you have nothing to do you become bored.

  4. I agree that being bored sucks, but on the other hand I’m just fed up of having lots of things I need to do so that I never get the opportunity to be bored. Rather than sit there and be bored I’d catch up on some ps triple.

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