UPS Invent Time Travel

I logged onto my account today to discover an item of mine had been delivered early. What surprised me is when I tracked the package via the UPS website for more detail, I discovered they had invented time travel! They haven’t got it quite right yet though, because my package ended up in the wrong state.

In my mind, someone was very confused to open the package and find a Blu-Ray movie, before the format was even released…

Yay UPS!!

Imagine if you could send packages back in time (without altering the timeline, i.e. the parallel universes approach). I would send myself a top-notch laptop back to 1991, because I was still using a 10 year old computer back then. I would also send myself a friend who knows a bunch of martial arts back to 1988 to kick a few arses.

On the other hand, what could your past self send you in return? That one is a little easier… you could just put something in a drawer for a number of years and it would have time travelled (unless it is food). You could ask your past self for a couple of shares of MSFT or GOOG. I, on the other hand, would gladly exchange the laptop for just one curry from my favourite Indian restaurant in England, which sadly shut its doors last year. R.I.P. Mughal Dynasty.

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  1. maybe this really did happen, which is how blue ray was invented… your past self got a blue ray disk.. didnt know what it was.. some scientists got a hold of it then re-engineered the technology about 10 years later.


  2. YAY!
    Time travel is actually possible with the flux capacitor (Back to the Future).

    I am coming soon. Driving back with Aunt Judy early July. I will stay for two weeks or so. Can’t wait to see everyone, but especially Amber and you and your minature shoulder riding cats and garden.

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