Turn off your Electronic Devices

I’ve noticed on flights when people are told to turn off their electronic devices, they just turn off the screens. Many (that I’ve seen) don’t even put the device into flight mode. So why do airlines still ask this?

There’s no real difference between an electronic device with the screen on or off, except that it’s not displaying information. Yes, the device is doing less with the screen off but it can still transmit/receive data, and airlines don’t enforce that devices are actually off.

People are still allowed to read paper books during takeoff/landing, so what is the real reason?

England Trip

I was given orders to take a week off, so I decided to see my family in England. So far I have gone for a bike ride and slightly cheated because I rode an electric bike, which helps you up hills. It was a lot of fun, and really fast! I also found some trolls at a nearby pub and a duck crossing sign.

More pics to come soon!

Psycho Hotel

A couple of weeks ago I went to San Diego on business. When I arrived, I waited for the usual eternity for my bag, before realising it must have gone missing. After that I had to queue up to speak to an airline official for ages, only to be told it was still in Denver. Great. I had left Denver three hours ago and my bag was still there.

This is where the fun begins. I arrived in my hotel room to be greeted by a large “P” scrawled on the mirror in some kind of grease.

Feeling brave, I decided to check what was on the menu for room service. I looked on the desk and there was nothing, so I opened the drawer, and instead of the usual hotel information booklet and Latter Day Saints bible, I found an odd proclamation:

This actually scared me a little and I looked behind me expecting to have my head lopped off. This is when I noticed the smoke alarm hanging off the ceiling, probably from the last bloody massacre that occurred in the room.

The only thing I couldn’t photograph was the smell of paint in the room, obviously still strong because they had just painted over all the blood.

I asked for a new room.